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about us

from us to you. our fine jewellery carries the tradition of family and integrity that bonds ‘us and you’. for the past 30 years, our loyal clientele have helped make our small family-owned store in Toronto, Ontario part of the fabric of the community. from our humble beginnings as a small repair booth, to a custom jewellery manufacturer and retailer, we now proudly offer our online platform. this is why our name carries the words from our heritage: menk “us” and DÜKE “you”.

menkDÜKE brings to you our refined selection of latest trends with classic pieces that are carefully curated from local manufacturers and our own bench jewellers, symbolizing luxury and reflecting individual style. whether it’s a piece that celebrates a new occasion or ‘just because’, you can always find your inspiration at menkDÜKE.

we take pride in an ethical labour model which aims at fair compensation for all of our local manufacturers and team members. this means that when you buy from us, you are helping to support a small local business that is constituted from start to finish by an interconnected web of hard working individuals and their families.

our e-platform passes the business down to the younger generation of our family. we believe the right jewellery can enhance the expression of one’s inner confidence.